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Personal Finance Club

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Instructor: CA Kanan Bahl

Language: Mixture of English & Hindi

Validity Period: 365 days

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Personal Finance Club

Personal Finance Mastery teaches you to:
1. Invest for your future and yet,
2. Spend lavishly on the things you love

Yes, read the second point again.

No, I am not kidding!

We have been taught to be frugal all our lives.

There are so many videos on Youtube on whether you should buy a car or not.

Saving pennies is the last thing we are going to teach you. That’s not how big people think

So What will we teach you?

1. Turning your dead assets to life
2. Right psychology of personal finance
3. Building Your Goals
4. Insurance - the right way. Health, Term and Life insurance products
5. Which are the right investment products for you
6. Retirement Planning
7. How to not get thugged by your banker over loans, insurance etc.
8. Rightly Allocating between Equity / MFs and Debt products like PF, PPF etc.
9. How to get out of the Debt trap
10. Choosing the right bank for saving your money

This is not the knowledge that you will get on the internet articles and videos.

I have been working with people for over last 1 year to understand their personal finances and planning for them

I have been working on the field to understand how intermediaries, banks thug you

I will tell you everything here that we have learnt from the mistakes that people have made in their early lives and they repent doing it now

But what if you feel that you are old enough?

There are plans for you too

Ideally, the earlier you start the better it is

Many won’t start early. But those who start with us, will always be bullish about their financial lives

We will not only teach you how to grow your money, but how to live life the way you want.


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